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Management Consultant Points required for invite 189 and 190


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Hi ,for management consultant what are the points that have been getting invited for 189 and 190 visa? Additionally if a management consultant has 65 points what are the chances of getting an invite? What is a average waiting time based on last invite rounds and experience? 


Thanks so much

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Hi Lemon

For all occupations, including Management Consultant, that are not issued on a Pro-rata basis in the last round of 189 invites published (September) at least 85 points (and with 85 not all were invited - deeming date 3/8/19) were required to receive an invitation to apply for a visa.   https://www.taylormadeimmigration.com/DaystoInvite

The state/territory sponsored 190s operate in a different manner and theoretically only 65 points are required, however the different states have their own additional requirements, some of which consider in relation to points. 

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Hi Tee TMI


Can you help me with this question?



I am currently waiting for my 489 visa to be granted, I applied in July 2019, I need information on people who have recently been granted the 489 visa. On receiving a case officer how long does the visa take to be granted?  As well how many months does the 489 currently take?



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Unfortunately, due to low numbers, the Dept of Home Affairs is not currently providing their current processing times for the 489.  

There is no information on how long a CO takes once allocated an application to process - if everything is in order then it can be immediate once they have looked at the file - or they may ask for additional information.

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