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Structural Engineering opportunities in Aus


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Hi everyone


I am a professional civil engineer (specializing in structures) currently based in SA, but we have started the process to apply for the 189 or 190 visas.   Are there any structural engineers out there who can give some insight on job hunting in Aus?  How difficult it was or how long it took you?  If I look at the typical ads on the websites it seems most of the employers require local experience or solid understanding of the Australian design codes.  I haven't studied them, but I assume they will be very similar to ours.  Still to gather more info on that. 


From what I gather on the forum it is not easy to find a job from SA and that one would have the best chances if you get the PR visa sorted out, then get over there and search for opportunities there.  Is that a general rule applying to most career types, or are there structural engineers out there that were able to secure jobs recently without actually being there?  We have very limited finances available, and don't have the capacity for the family or even just myself to go over and spend months looking for a job without income on this side...  


Any thoughts/advice will be appreciated.





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