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Good Day All


I'm from Pretoria, married with 2 kids and the wife and I have recently decided to pursue emigration to Australia. My profession is Internal Audit and coupled with that I've got experience in Compliance and Risk Management as well. I've attended 1 seminar thus far and I'm planning on consulting with another agent in the near future to gain more insight into what sounds like an arduous and costly exercise. I am hoping that some of the forum members can advise me either for or against agents that I could possibly use for the visa application process, or at least point me to an informative discussion which already exists on the forum.


Looking forward to learn a lot from your experiences.

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There are those who are for and those who are against making use of an agent. The general consensus is that if your case is straight forward, and you are willing to put in the time and effort you can save heaps on agent fees. Once you know what to do the process is pretty straight forward. We did it without an agent, spent many evenings doing research online and on forums. It does take time doing your research and it is important that you know where you are in the process and what to do next. If however you feel you are not up to it, or you have a slightly more complex situation (ie. work experience, medical issues, past criminal convictions etc) then you may be better off going with an agent. An agent can give you a good indication of what is possible and what you will be required to do to achieve this. Remember you are paying the agent for their expertise, not to run around collecting your documents. So either way you are still going to have quite a bit of admin ahead. Documents such as your Birth and Marriage certificates from Home Affairs need to be obtained. This is something that put us back quite a few months. There are a few good threads on the forum, can't remember all of them, but spend some time browsing the site.

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Yes, it is costly. Decide to handle it like a project i.e tasks, budget & timeline - start with the 100 steps from Jordy here:

Check if your skill is on the skills occupation list - in your case it is. That makes your application just a formality (Internal Auditor    221214)

decide which visa will suite you best and the number of points needed.


As @frosty said collecting your papers is the most time consuming.Steps 6-19

The next part for some will take an enormous amount of effort - step 20: Apply for skills recognition/assessment from the relevant Australian skills assessing authority

In your case VETASSES here: https://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/qualification_assessment/internalauditor.pdf?ver=2018-05-29-140955-993

Just do what they ask for - search the forum for other that went the same route

Wait till you get a positive assessment - once done check what else you need to do to make the points needed for your preferred visa and do that.

Follow steps 21 - 100. Voila!!!


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Perhaps drop a message to @TeeTMI or @SD_MOA to check which visa is best for your circumstances. A recent post indicated that Auditors need high points(90+) for a 189. You can read about it here: 



You can use an agent for certain sections of your application such as initial assessment so it might be wise to do that step as a minimum to get the ball rolling. Migration is a much more dynamic process than it used to be and rules can change very quickly. Accounting is one profession that has always been considered "in demand", however that is changing and it is no longer one of the "cast in concrete/always going to be in demand" careers that it used to be (together with various engineering disciplines which go in and out of fashion/demand in my opinion). The rise in points for some of these careers supports this. So don't let this dishearten you. Rather let it spur you into quicker action than you might have thought necessary. Good luck with it all.

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Thank you peeps for your replies, I'll definitely take them all into consideration. I am definintely not delaying this process as it does seem that the demand for my profession is slowly decreasing. I think that I'll definitely need an agent as I hate admin with a passion. Meeting up with an agent soon (Tri-nations Migration), so hopefully they'll give me a decent indication of the current situation.    

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