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Looking for a paid intern with option of permanent


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Hi All,


We are a small business looking for a paid intern for 6 months in Sydney, this is an entry level job, for the right person this will turn into an offer of employment, for the wrong person it will last a month.


We need someone with a technical mentality (The kind of person you would ask to help you with your PC), 

All training will be provided, i don't care about certifications, you just need the right attitude.


End result after training: 

The final role will be managing developers for software implementations, getting stuff done, testing applications, client handover, getting fixes done by the developers, writing user guides, being able to get the most out of the developers while treating them as valued employees, we are looking for a person who can easily pick up and use new software, all training in the various applications provided.

You could call it a hands on team lead role.
These jobs are all about getting projects implemented, we have a ton of work and you need to learn how to do whatever is required to get the projects over the line, plan to make yourself irreplaceable or don't apply.

Send CV's to - recruit@softwaresystems.com.au, subject of "Sydney Job"

(We also have a role based in Centurion, Pretoria)




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