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Finally some good news / police clearance



Hi all, 


To give you all some background on my story. 


In end of  2012  we decided to follow 190 route to WA as this was only state that had my occupation at the time on the their list. By the time I completed my english test to submit the application the role was removed from state list. This was already 2013 then....for personal reasons (my wife's mother that was sick) we decided to put all on hold. Maybe for the best as she past away 2018 and my wife at least spent some more time with her. 


Maybe because my energy was more focused on it maybe just some luck. July 2018 NT had the occupation for 489 / 190 listed. After redoing English and getting assessment from Vetasses redone I submitted my application Sept 2018. If you recently done an application to the NT you will know that they are full of nonsense when it comes to admin required. 


Be it as it may. After getting the application rejected Sept 2018, and redone Oct 2018 I heard nothing from them. Not a word.....Until this morning when I received my formal invitation from the NT for a 489....I must say I had my doubts that i would receive any good news in this migration process but I may be wrong. 


Now to all of you that may have already done this. just some questions: 

How long does police clearance take? It the best place to go direct to police station? and cost etc? 


To the rest that is still waiting. keep hoping..your day will come. 








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It's only R114 per person. If you want maiden name included on certificate, be sure to ask and attach a (certified?) copy of marriage certificate.


I wasn't in a hurry, used local police station in Pretoria, and took about 7 weeks (about 3 weeks at the police clearance centre).

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thanks Bikerdoodle


I see on the article released that we all have to go to local police station. https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Local/Maritzburg-Fever/procedure-change-for-police-clearance-certificate-20180724-3 


Does anyone know if this is the case or can we still go to the Police Clearance Center directly? 



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