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PR application requesting passport renew



I'm in a bit bit of a predicament, and am hopeful that someone from this group has some advice or been in a similar situation with outcomes.

As some of you might have experienced, the PR application process of late is extremely slow, and documents get outdated (Police Clearance, Passports etc.). In my case, my youngest's passport expired one week after the Immigration finally looked at my application which was in the system for almost a year. They have cordially requested a renewed passport or evidence thereof, and i only have 2 weeks left to show evidence or the new passport. Some Stats:

- i live in Sydney

- New passport applied in Feb 2019 - mailed to Canberra

- cleared citizen verification only in May.

- been in a unknown state since then. 



- Does anyone know how I can get this process expedited, any advice. Calling Canberra has been totally fruitless. Thoughts are that I can get the High commissioner to speak to someone in SA?

- Will this impact my PR application if its still going to be a few months wait? 


Just flying blind at the moment, but trusting that somehow i'll get the new passport soon.


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Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t find a way to contact anyone... I just waited the 6-7 months, and the new passport magically arrived in the mail.


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Perhaps submit a copy of the passport receipt if you have anything like that along with a letter stating that they take around 9-12 months

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Hi all, 

Maybe just a general update, re I have learnt so much over the past few days about RSA Passport Renewals from Canberra, that I just have to share the process. I have received my passport since this first post, after much stress and international call I must add, but expedited non the less. 


The actual process - to apply for a new passport in back in South Africa only takes (2 weeks). So its not the SA Home Affairs that takes the longest, but the process to get the forms to them and the authentication and verification process. 

Some Notes:

  • - The passport process has change dramatically and passports get processed very efficiently, in some cases within the week.
  • - They now have biometric scanning at major banks to leverage their facilities and minimize queuing - but you have to make a booking. 
  • - If extremely urgent, suggest you fly over for a much quicker turnaround

Via Canberra:(n to power of how heavy is a bag)

  • Passport applications are sent in bulk via a Diplomatic bag, which has to reach a certain weight before it gets posted. This is not time based. In may case, it took 3 months before the application was posted to Home Affairs South Africa.
  • - Applications arrive at Home Affairs and have to be processed via:
  • - Citizen Verification (3-6 Weeks)
  • - Birth Verification (included in the above 3-6 Weeks)
  • - The application is then transferred to: 
  • - Home Affairs Unit for Capture (3-6 Weeks based on the backlog from Citizen Verification before its on the system)
  • - Actual Passport Processing including Printing (2 Weeks)
  • - Then back in a Diplomatic bag until it reaches it weight
  • - Post to Canberra
  • - Post to you.

Hopefully, understanding the process a little more will help ease stress of not knowing - and now you have options. 

(PS: I now have my PR - Granted)

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Seems that the solution then is to include lots of lead-weighted stables / paperclips with your application?

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