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Where to begin?



Hubby and I have decided to make the move. He is a plumber so wanting to apply for a 189 visa.


Where do we even begin, what is step 1?

Should we use an agent? Is it worth the R30+k ?


Thank you !

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HI Lee


Welcome to the forum.


Have a look at this post breaking the whole emigration process down - 



Also here is a very nice tracker you can use and modify to track your progress and next steps - 


Using an agent - I guess this is up for debate. Personally, we decided to not make use of an agent after reading up on all the requirements hopefully saving some money in the process.

I guess if you have an extra 30K available with limited time on your hands then they can come in handy. Although you are still required to get all the required paperwork yourself and thus they will only guide you and submit on your behalf.







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