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The difficulty renting in Hobart Tasmania


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I thought I'd share with other people who are heading over to Hobart in the next while some learnings about getting your rental application approved. It is really tough with up to 50 people swarming onto a good property at one time. We received 2 approvals and asked the agents why. This is what they had to say:


  1. Our references from the agent that sold our property in SA was good and was on a letterhead (they say they get scribbles on pieces of paper). 
  2. We had photo's of our property that we we sold before coming over. It showed we took care of our property
  3. We had a picture of our family, nice and friendly
  4. We had a settlement letter from the government (which you can get immediately via email, when you arrive. Email skilled@migration.tas.gov.au and ask for the settlement letter)
  5. We sent our application ahead of the viewing with a note saying we really loved the property and want to get a head start and we will definitely be at the viewing - this put us top of mind with the agent. 
  6. We were very friendly when we phoned them to tell them we have sent in an application and are very interested. - They disqualify difficult people, because they manage the properties and need to deal with you on an ongoing basis.


There you go. Some further tips from my side. Hang around at the viewing. They only give you 10 minutes, but try to wait till last and strike up a friendly conversation about the property, the owner and ask advice about what their opinion is of a good application. People love to share their knowledge.

I also found out it is illegal to offer rent in advance, so we couldn't do it. It doesn't seem to be a game changer for them in any case.

Make sure you know the catchment area of schools for your kids, so you can make an informed decision, unless you are going private. It's still good to have options though.

Lastly, it truly is a tough rental market and there are some shocker properties out there. So try to line up a few viewings, they call them inspections ahead of time, so that the day you arrive, you can start to view properties and not waste a couple of days.


And so, today we signed after 2 weeks of hunting and now we are going to become locals of Blackmans bay.

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hi. well said. I'm surprised they accepted a foreign letterhead, with associated foreign photographs - normally they will just say its from overseas thus they cannot accept it as credible. 


point 3 is not surprising, i'm sure they would have 2nd thoughts if people looked depressed!

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