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Bringing over parents once settled?



Hi All


My wife (26) and I (28) are in the process of getting our 189 visas, and we aim to be in Perth at the end of 2020.


My question, what is the best method to bring over ones parents once we are settled and established? We have a very close knit family and we would like to get them to greener pastures as well as ourselves.

My mother (55) is an accountant, and my father (60) is an electrical engineer.

I believe there are various methods of visas that one can apply for, but so far the "buy-in" visa looks the simplest (albeit, most expensive). The other option is a work visa, but those are fairly hard to come by and require applying for permanent residence visa once the work visa has expired, correct?


Any info will be a big help!


Thanks in advance!

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A quick question:

  1. Will you/your partners parents have more children outside of SA than in it?

This question is the major stumbling block of many parents being brought over, along with the cost.


With regards to the work visa, as far as I know over 55 will not qualify for any work-> PR visa in Australia, but I am sure an agent can correct me.


From my research the easiest way would be be to get PR for 2 years, and then do the contributory  parents route (143 VISA). Throw a ton of money at it, wait your turn (I think we at around 5 years wait atm, there is a tread about it here which you can follow) and then you will be sorted

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