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Construction Project Manager




We are currently busy with getting our docs together for the EOI, my husband works as a Construction Project Manager (15 years experience and honours degree) and we are eager to move to the Brisbane area if possible. 

We are totally willing to do the whole Visa application and cost ourselves, but it would be great if he could get a job beforehand so we can add the points to our EOI and we are very eager to go over to Aus asap.


Does anybody out there have some contacts in that area or suggestions of agents that can be contacted that specialise in the construction field.


Thanks as always guys!!

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Which visa subclass are you applying for? We did the 189 visa process on our own, received our visa at the end of January so you are welcome to send me a PM if you have any questions. Job offer will not add any points to a 189 visa application. If you want to go that route you may want to look at sponsored visa options. 

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The construction market is an interesting sector as there is work around, but you'll need to be willing to spend time trying to build a network of contacts. There's hundreds of employment agencies out there (so it's hard to point to any specific recruiter), and Seek.com.au is a good place to start looking (this is the number one job board in Australia. You can browse through jobs and make note of recruiters who work this space, then try to approach them directly. They can tell you if their client base will allow for overseas applications.


LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular for building networks and you can approach organisations directly. 


Regions as such WA (Western Australia) or SA (South Australia) are sometimes a little more flexible in terms of recruiting overseas applicants as in some areas there are skill shortages. It can be luck but can also be all about making your luck,.


It takes time but opportunities do arise, and a number of clients I've worked with have successfully secured roles whilst being offshore.


Let me know if I can help further. 



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