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Credit to the Public Healthcare system


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We arrived in Australia in July 2018, signed up for Medicare and off we went. I subsequently decided to sign up for private cover but we only signed up beginning of December and so there is a two month waiting period.


I'll cut a long story short and say we unfortunately had to spend some time in the hospital over December with my 2 year old. And from the GP who referred him for xrays to all the doctors and emergency staff we saw at the Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital, all I can say is I am impressed. Given the two month waiting period we were only able to use our Medicare card and the level of care we received was fantastic. The doctors took a very cautious approach to my son's injury and he is now something of a legend as being one of the youngest kids to have an MRI with no anesthesia. I am so relieved we didn't have any injuries or incidents like this in The Netherlands, we probably would have been sent home with paracetamol and told to return in 6 weeks if he still wasn't walking. Whereas the doctors here took things very seriously.


We so often take the time to complain but not to compliment, so here is my thanks to the doctors, nurses and technicians at Lady Cilento.

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Hi @TamTam, glad to hear that you had a good experience and that by the sound of it your son is doing well.


We also had to make use of the public health system over Christmas when my 16 month old had a very high fever and both my wife and I came away highly impressed with the level of professionalism and care which we experienced at the John Hunter hospital! We are used to the private hospitals in Fourways/JHB and I was more impressed with the public hospital here than the private hospitals in RSA!


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