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Hi All,


I arrived in Melbourne June 2015 from JHB on a 457 visa and by Jan 2018 (thank heavens) got permanent residence. In July 2018 our company was acquired and my role was made redundant (Product Development in the cosmetics field) I am really battling to find another role although very experienced across cosmetics / Marketing / sales / product development.  I do appreciate that this industry is very young and believe this to be the potential stumbler. (cosmetics brands etc_)- I am 49 yrs old and realising that perhaps I need to broaden my scope even more than now in order to get a job. (The longer you are not employed the more you are open to a lot more variety.)


I would strongly advise anyone arriving in Australia to start building a network. Unfortunately I did none of that and instead focused on working 12-14 hrs to keep my job in order to get PR. Now I sit with a major issue - no network to fall to!


Being single with a daughter who will be starting Uni in March makes it even harder when you don't have a spouse.


I am just reaching out for the off chance anyone knows of something temporary around Melbourne while I continue on this blasted job search. Prepared to do most to keep things ticking. Or, networks in Melbourne to get to know some people would be good too.


Career background: Sales / Marketing experience (degree marketing) / owned own business in S.A doing both consulting for product development and marketing. Worked with a number of JHB based corporates assisting in marketing strategy etc.


Look forward to any thoughts or recommendations.




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