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Moving to Adelaide 2018


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Anyone else looking at moving to Adelaide in 2018? Just thought I get a thread going for all who are planning to move there.

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Hi Frosty,


I moved over 17 years ago so not really responding to your thread.


Just wanted to leave a few words of encouragement...Adelaide is truly a great city (in my opinion the best Australia has too offer) It does surprise me how little coverage Adelaide gets.


Good luck with the move!



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Thanks for the feedback. Have been to Adelaide twice now as we have family there. Really enjoyed it both times.


If all goes to plan we will be flying over first week of April. 

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Couldn't agree more. Moved in 2016. Love adelaide.



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We landed on the 2nd of July this year, so almost 5 months in. We've also met 2 SA couples from my sons pre-school that moved to Adelaide this year (just a few months before us), and also met old friends from University who also landed a few months before us. 

We love it here, but some things take a bit of getting used to.

The weather has been surprising, a lot more colder than we expected (end of November and I'm sitting in the house with a jacket on) and also the wind storms which we never really had in Pretoria / Jhb.

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