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Skills outcome HELP.....PLEASE



Hi all,


I am new to this forum and have been trying to find some information but I have become a bit overwhelmed with the wealth on here :( 


I am certain that this question has been asked a thousand times and for those of you that are tired of reading and responding, I do apologize. 


From my research, I should be eligible for a 189/190. I have done my IELTS and have submitted my SKILLS ASSESS which is a positive outcome (thank GOD). But the only problem is that it is taking forever to reach my in SA, I only know it is positive because I contacted them and told them about the postal strikes earlier this year and:( they emailed me my results. Have any of you experienced this? How did you deal with this?


What documents do I need for an EOI? If my research is correct, that is the next step......right?


Thank you in advance.


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I am sure you can use the results of the skills assessment that they emailed to you if it's a duplicate of the printed results. You shouldn't have to specifically wait for the hard copy results so don't let that hold your application up if it's all you are waiting for to apply (hopefully someone else can confirm this for sure). I had a similiar problem once and they accepted electronic information (I can't remember exactly what this was for though).

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