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IELTS for AITSL versus visa



Hi guys,


My wife is the secondary applicant on our visa (189).


She wants to do her skills assessment with AITSL to be able to teach in Australiac (early childhood development).


My question is: can the Academic IELTS be used for the visa, if she scores lower than the requirement for AITSL? 


For AITSL, she needs to do the IELTS Academic and score of at least:

Writing - 7.0

Reading - 7.0

Speaking - 8.0

Listening - 8.0


For the visa, I think she just needs at least 7 for everything?


All info I can find only has the standard IELTS and not the IELTS Acadamic. So I don't know if the academic test can be used to prove proficient English for the visa?


Both of us speak English with a strong Afrikaans accent, so we are a bit worried about the IETLS Academic. If someone can point us to a good tutor that would also be appreciated.


Any advice will be appreciated.


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Hi BreakerMorant - welcome to the forum.


You do not need to use the same English test used for the Skills Assessment towards the English requirement / points in the Visa Application.

For the primary applicant to meet the English level required in the Skilled visas (189,190) they need at least Competent English (e.g. IELTS 6) in all 4 sections, but if you are after additional points for English a higher score would be required.  


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