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For the Kids....and us too


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Hello everyone

I have been a lurker on the forum for the past few months and am so grateful for all the information , advice and support I have seen from the community.


So a little about me and my family. I am a 39 year old IT Professional and my wife is a financial director and office manager for a small Insurance broker. We have a beautiful and amazing 3 ( almost 4 ) year old daughter.

My wife and I have lived in South Africa (Johannesburg) our whole lives up to now of course. We have both done some traveling but have never been to Australia. Our decision to migrate to Australia is due to the many challenges we have living in South Africa. I don't want to mention them as everyone on this forum already knows them all too well.


So In May 2018 , we decided to take the plunge after doing a lot of research. We appointed Migrate2Oz and did the free assessment near the end of May. On 01 June 2018 they came back saying that I was a good fit and had an opportunity from their calculations at getting 70 points. I read a lot and saw I needed one more exam to finish off my MCSE , I had done the others for the MCSA but ACS does not see that as a valid qualification. I booked and went a week later and passed the exam. Next was the difficult task of getting all the information for the skills assessment. I managed to get all my letters signed by my ex-managers and following passing the MCSE was told to fill out and RPL(recognition of prior learning) document. It took me over a week to get the RPL complete and having it at 5000 words I knew what I had done contained as much information as I could provide. Migrate2Oz were happy and I felt I had done the best I could. We submitted the skills assessment on 10 July 2018. The next step was to get the required score on the English test. I booked the Pearson test for 31 July 2018. I used the guides on the forum and the youtube channels etc. All the information from this forum really helped going through the process.


On 02 August 2018 I received my Pearson English test results. I was so relieved to have gotten 90,90,90,88 and had gotten the maximum marks required from the English test. During this time we also applied for all the unabridged birth certificates etc ( Still waiting )

On 31 August I got the best news ever ( So far ) that we had gotten a positive skills assessment. Migrate2Oz was ready to submit the EOI and were going to do so on the following :


189 (70 Points)

190 for NSW and Victoria (75 Points)


So on 31 August we submitted the EOI and now we are waiting patiently for an invite to apply for the Visa. I turn 40 in February 2019 , so I am really hoping to have an invite before then. I will be happy with the 190 or the 189. I am not picky and just feel so grateful to have an opportunity to migrate. I know this is going to be so difficult to leave my parents behind , I know its going to be so difficult for my wife to leave her sister and niece behind , but we really have to do whats best for our daughter. I want her to grow up the way we did in the 80's where we used to ride our bikes in the streets , walk to parks and play with friends in to the night. I want her to experience a level of freedom and life which I feel I cannot provide her here in South Africa. Thanks so much for this forum which has helped and continues to help on an almost daily basis.


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Welcome to the forum and the process of immigrating.  I think for most people with families, the thought of immigration has largely surfaced because everyone wants what's best for their children and to receive that in a safer place.  And a smaller part is for them themselves.  It is quite a tough decision to make, especially if you are the only one migrating and you are leaving a host of family behind.  Emotions run high because you cannot do anything to help them and some ugly thoughts do enter your mind regarding their safety here in RSA and there's nothing you can do for them, except pray and hope that the good Lord keeps them all safe.  Both hubby and I are leaving behind our parents and siblings and as we reach closer to our departure date, we are becoming tense, emotional and very nervous.  Besides dealing with that, we have our young adult children that are grappling with this as they are leaving behind friends, girlfriend, etc....definitely not a happy space ATM.

You are using an excellent agency, I have used them myself and my story was not so simple or straightforward as I was racing against the clock and with the numerous changes that took place with immigration rules overnight.  But with the superb work of Migrate2Oz, we got our visas in 3 months (the entire process in less than a year!)  So hang in there, you are in good hands (IMO) and very soon you will be writing to tell us when you'd be leaving to travel the yellow brick road.  All the best.

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