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Take up subclass 190 nomination or wait for subclass 189 invitation



Hi all


I submitted an EOI last week for Accountant (General) with 85 points. I also ticked the box for NSW nomination for a potential extra 5 points in case needed.


I have just received an invitation from NSW to apply for state nomination/sponsorship. I have 14 days to take up this invitation before the invitation expires.


My questions are as follows:


1) Should I apply for the NSW nomination which would ultimately lead to a subclass 190 visa and a 2 year commitment to stay in NSW before having freedom to live anywhere in Aus? Or should I ignore the NSW invitation for sponsorship and rather take the chance and wait for an invitation to apply for a subclass 189 visa and have the right to live anywhere in Aus?


2) Besides having to live in a nominated state for first two years, are there any other fundamental differences between subclass 189 vs subclass 190?


3) Under a subclass 190 NSW visa are you entitled to live anywhere in NSW (eg in Sydney) or are you forced to live in mandated areas within NSW (eg rural areas)?


4) It is my understanding that once the Visa (190 or 189) is granted you have approx. 12 months in which to enter Australia to activate the visa. Thereafter you are able to leave Australia and have up to 5 years in which to re-enter the country and take up PR. I ask as I would potentially like to live outside Aus for the next 3/4 years and thereafter take up PR. Is this true for both subclass 189 and 190 or am I missing something? 


Many thanks for any and all responses. They are much appreciated.




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I only saw this now so your 14 days obviously expired - what did you end up doing?


If you have the option of getting state sponsorship for a state that you want to live in anyway, there is virtually no downside to taking it. You live for the 2 years in the state (anywhere in the state, I have a 190 NSW and live in Sydney on the north shore) and after that the two visas are indistinguishable. Oh, and you have to be able to show NSW that you live and work in the state if they ask, which they often don't (but I did email them proof of where I live and work just to cover the bases).


Your understanding on number 4 is pretty much correct - you have to activate the visa within a year (or less depending on when you did your medical and PCC) but don't have to start living in Australia then. The 189 and 190 visas both come with a 5 year travel facility which allows you to enter and exit the country, but if you want to travel after the 5 years are up you have to apply for a residents return visa. I am not sure how the 190 commitment relates to the 5 year travel facility (i.e. if you only come to live in Sydney after 3 years, whether you would then have to live in NSW for years 4-5).


Hope that helps, even though it's so late!

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