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Proving function English for spouse



Hi everyone, 


How did you go about to prove that you/ your spouse had functional English?


I'm not the main applicant but I need to submit proof of functional English before we can lodge our visa application. 

I have done IELTS, but it was in 2016, and today we read that it must not be older than 12 months 😥...


Please advise,

The second installment is so expensive and I have no other qualifications I can submit instead. 


This is such a mess.... 


Any advice is highly appreciated. 


Links we found the information on:






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I was the main applicant, my husband and I both did Pearson. Functional English is a really low bar to clear, but unfortunately if you didn't go to an English school or uni you're going to have to spend money to prove your ability. Pearson is cheaper than IELTS I think, so maybe try that?

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For us, my wife got a letter from high school that it was all english. Thats was fine.

Or even that your tertiary education was done in english.

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