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Visa number: V _ _ _ < _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  : What nr is this?



Dear Forum,


We are filling in our 143 CPV application,  and  question 11 it asks if we currently have a visa, and the answer is - yes - as we have a Visitors class 600 visa,

and then it asks to fill in the "Visa Number" on the form. But the format on the application form is:  V _ _ _ < _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   (so 3 digits, then another 8 digits).


And our visitors visa format is not like that.  It is called "Visa Grant nr" and is 13 numerical digits with a "E" at the end.  So what do I fill in this field?


Please help.




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Hi, we also had a query regarding this question.  We were told to look for the CLIENT I D number on our present visa grant notice and insert that number.  It worked.  We also attached a copies of our present visitor visas to our application.  Hope that helps 🙂

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