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Living on a teacher's salary? And other q's.


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Thanks for a great website! I am really glad to have found a community of such helpful people.


We have just started investigating immigration. I have contacted Stephen from Migration Outcome Australia as I saw him recommended here. He said I could possibly apply for a 189 or 190 visa. I also contacted New World Immigration, has anyone worked with them? They say I should apply for a 489 visa, what would the reason for that be? I would prefer a PR visa obviously, but just wondering why they didn't suggest that. Perhaps it is because on a 489 I can apply for PR and then be able to stop working and be home with the kids. How long would I have to keep working on a 189?


Now about the cost of living - 

Ideally we want to homeschool our three children aged 10 months, 3 and 4. We have to go over on my visa as I have a degree in foundation phase education. My husband is a construction project manager but only has matric. So is it possible for a family of 5 to live on a pre or primary school teacher's salary? (This seems like an impossible dream, but I have to ask)


Thank You!

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Hi there

I am also trying to move on my teaching papers. 

I was also advised the same thing with the 489.reason being that if you can get as sponsor you can the teach the 2 years and them have more chance securing a PR. What I have heard is that the other route is becoming increasingly difficult.

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If you come in on a 189 or 190 as they are not linked to your employer you don't have to work as a teacher at all. If your plan is to home school the kids your husband can work in the project management field as soon as you arrive on those visas. 489 is quite different so I cannot advise on that visa, although I doubt that it is employer linked.


In other words, only one person needs to be the main applicant, but both husband and wife receive working rights. You just don't have much flexibility with employer sponsored visas, which the visas you mention aren't. 

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If you go on a 489 you dont need to work in your related field and as mentioned above your husband can work. 

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That is great news! Thank you

Does anyone know if my husband is likely to find work with no qualification once we are that side? Due to finances we would need to secure a job as soon as we arrive. Is that possible? He is flexible as to what work he does, as long as he is able to earn enough to support the family. 

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