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Baby things we can take over to Australia


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Good Day 


So I am using thee husbands account :-) until I decide to start my own.


So I would appreciate some advice please, as the husband and I will be relocating to Australia the end of the month. I am currently expecting our first baby :-) I am currently 27weeks pregnant , which means ill be 31-32 weeks when I fly over to Australia :-) husband got a job on that side. So everything will be new to us and very stressful. We are from RSA, so I have some questions. Hoping some ladies can help.



1. What are we allowed to fly over with (as per baby bottles etc)

2. Advice for me on what to do while on plane,as I experience back pains?

3. Baby is due October - what would be the first step when landing / what hospital can we go to as we will be based in Grafton and is on BUPA medical aid? What are there procedures normally?

4. We have a crib- would you suggest we leave it ? or can we travel with it?

5. Are baby items very expensive that side?

6. How does baby injections work that side?





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Let me start off by saying that I'm super glad that you guys decided to go over together! As you might have seen most of the Saaustralia community as well as myself was routing for this option.


My wife and I traveled to Australia when she was about 5 months pregnant so I have some experience.

  • You should probably speak to your gynecologist before flying. I had to give my wife injections to prevent the possibility of blood clots before, during and after the flight.
  • Try and get an isle seat so that you can get up and walk around easily. I'm sure it'll help with the frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Target has great prices on decent quality baby things. We get my son clothes from Woolies and Cotton on here in RSA which is roughly on par with the Target things we bought in AU.
  • I know that you can take a pram, camp cot and baby car seat if you travel with a baby on Qantas though I don't think you can do the same if baby isn't born yet. It'll probably count as check in luggage which is limited and extra kgs are super expensive so its probably best to leave it.
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Good luck with everything!  @Rossen pretty much summed it up, definitely chat to your doctor regarding blood clotting and what medication you can take for that.


On this side, between KMart , Big W and Target you'll be sorted.  I've included the links there so you can check out the prices for yourself.

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Also really glad to hear you are moving together!


With baby not born you will not be able to fly over anything other than your check in luggage which means you'll need to buy the cot, pram and car seat here. Like mentioned above KMart and Target are fantastic. If you are going to fly with Qantas phone them before you book and ask for the emigration luggage allowance as they will allow you an extra 10kg per person.


I know what it's like to have a baby away from support structures and I did it in a country with a different language. The best advice I can give is trust your instincts, you'll be just fine. I am in Brissie but if you want to chat with another mama send me a PM and I'll reply with my mobile number.

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1 hour ago, TamTam said:

buy the cot, pram and car seat here.


Definitely buy the pram and car seat here as there are safety regulations for these two items and products from RSA don't meet the requirements.


For my babies born here, my sister sent me some Woolies receiving blankets and I wanted Elizabeth Anne's baby shampoo just because it's multi purpose and I love the smell. Of course you can get it here from the Saffa shop. If you really want to bring something then maybe just a couple of Woolies baby grows for nostalgia sake. The process of getting out and about buying what you need will give you something to do when you get here and you'll meet other mums in the process.


On 7/9/2018 at 7:37 PM, BarrysinOZ said:

3. Baby is due October - what would be the first step when landing


Visit a GP (any GP) and take it from there.  They'll tell you what the options are. 


And please don't worry - a public hospital here is NOT the same as a public hospital in RSA. The care is excellent and you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference between private and public. 



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Hi @RYLC we are here just over a month and i can say we are good. Just trying to figure out the health system with baby on the way, most practitioners are not used to patients without medicare as that is always the 1st question asked, and the health insurer not having the public hospital on their member network means quite a bit of out of pocket expenses. We have managed to get all the baby essentials ready for bub arrival, and looking out for a rental as we are currently in holiday accomm. 

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