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Experienced Document Controller looking for Employment in Aus


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Good day,

My name is Sean, I previously worked in the Engineering sector as Document Controller
for just over 9 years in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I initially start out as a Document Clerk in July of 2008, and was promoted to Junior Document
Controller in January of 2009. In November of 2010 I was transferred to the Materials Handling
Division (Mining) under the title of Document Controller due to a company merger at the time, I
maintained this position until I resigned from ThyssenKrupp in September 2017.

I resigned from ThyssenKrupp in September 2017, in order to do some Travelling and to persue
studies in the field of Cyber Security.

Due to the current political situation in South Africa, I am currently looking to start a life in Australia,
hopefully for the long term.

Seeking an Employment Opportunity:
I am currently seeking an employment opportunity as a Document Controller or similar in Australia
(any area). I will be completing my IELTS Certification as soon as possible.
As I am currently unemployed and have no obligations in South Africa; I am available immediately, if
I were offered an employment opportunity in Australia.

Recent Work Experience:
• Position held: Document Controller
• Company: ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions SA (Pty) Ltd
• Duration: Permanently employed for just over 9 years (2008 - 2017)

Career Highlights:
• I was involved in the development of the document types and folder structures for a system
the company implemented in early 2011 (WindChill PLM by PTC)
• In May 2014 I was flown to the ThyssenKrupp Polysius Head Office in Germany for Training
on their SAP system (DMS portion)
• In early 2017 I was part of the testing team for the newly implemented SAP system (DMS

If you are interested in my full CV or require any additional information, kindly please contact me via this platform.

Kind Regards,

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Hi Enrica,


Currently I don't have a Visa for Australia, I would need a Company Sponsor to be eligible for a Visa to Work in Australia.


Kind Regards,


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