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Thank you all!


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Hi Everyone,


I have no idea why it has taken me so long to write a few words.... probably because the whole immigration process is so so unreal!  "Are we really doing it!?:)"


I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been contributing to the SAAustralia Forum.  Thank you for sharing your stories and all your advice.


I promise to stop reading your posts only and I will start contributing as well ;)


We are a family of 4, living in Nelspruit for the past 15 years.  Our visa was lodged on the 6th of June and now we wait! 


Thanks so much!


Have a great day!  😀







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Hi Justyna,


I'm just on the other side of the mountain - in Lydenburg :D.  I am so thankful for this forum, it helps so much!  When ever I hit a down, I just read everyone's posts and it boosts me again :).


We haven't submitted our EOI yet, hubby is doing his IELTS test next month and will then do the VETASSESS.  All I can say every day is that I wish we did this ten years ago already!!! 


All the best with your EOI, keep us updated :ilikeit:




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Hi Daleen, 


So wonderful to get your message!  😀


I totally agree!  This forum has been the best and I'm so grateful to all the contributors.

It really helped me a lot, as the whole process is so complicated and there are such variations to every case, I've been checking the forum on daily basis to learn something new and stop worrying about everything!!


That's fantastic that you are also going for it!!  There is only one life and not many people get this opportunity to have another adventure! 


Good luck with the IELTS test next month!  I'm sure your husband will ace it!  We've done the Pearson's test in Edenvale earlier this year.  Don't know anything about the IELTS... sorry.  


We've been assisted by Migration 2 Oz and I would recommend doing it through an agent if you can.  We are just very busy and husband always away, I would not be able to sleep being in charge submitting all the necessary documents😂.   At the same time  this forum showed me you can definitely do it yourself so no worries either way!! 


Have a lovely day and keep in touch!





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Aw shucks, stop it already.

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