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Landed! Parent support group.

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So, I've been here in Australia for a total of 37 weeks and 5 days!!!  I have not for one minute since arriving here felt that perhaps I made the wrong move, never once!!! I am living with my son for

@Maz That is great news! Well done and congrats.! Me, my story is good and bad. I have been working on and off and currently working in aged care as food server. I absolutely love it! T

@Elna57  Wow!! Your sheet has brought back some memories looking at it and seeing all the names.  All those nights I would work the dates in various ways in hope that somehow with me doing that it wou

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Tell me more- tell me more! When? So excited for you.!

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On 9/4/2019 at 1:12 AM, Maz said:

I'm nearly thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Hi Maz.. How are you enjoying life in Australia? 

@Elza How are you doing?

Just to update all. I have had such a rollercoaster ride since arriving in Brisbane, but had a lot of fun alongside all the stress. I have done courses, worked in various industries and learnt a LOT during it all. At the moment, I am working at an aged care centre and loving it!

Anyone else care to share their journey?

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@stefansThank you for the heads up with the Auspost casual work. Hubby applied and worked throughout December. 

Have you had any luck on the workfront?

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Hi @Elna57 sorry its taken so long to respond I just couldn't find this forum and had to do a lot of detective work and finally found it today. I have been here already for 6 months and absolutely loving it. The transition was as smooth as I predicted. A lot of getting used to living with a household of 4 plus me and 2 kids under 10. I am fortunate that I have my own little sanctuary within the house (its massive). I am loving Newport. I am already working at the perfect job for me. It was just by fluke a friend of my daughters girlfriend came to a braai (bbq) that I was at and asked me about my journey etc and asked me if I planned to work. (This was late January) I said I was only going to look around March - she said that the place she works at has just expanded and they looking for admin staff on a permanent part time basis and would I be interested. I said "no harm to just look" Well to keep this short I went for an informal chat and they offered me the job immediately on the days I wanted (Wed, Thur and Friday) and the hours are perfect 09:30 - 17:00 with the option of maybe working until 17:30. Its working at a dentist office and its only 10 minute bus ride from home. I have been there for a month now and I just love it. I never work reception before lots to learn as their processes are very different but I have always been lucky to learn IT programmes quickly.  I really felt like I was doomed when I arrived after 6 months - I came in the drought, then the fires, then the floods and now this virus!!!!


It taking me awhile to try and make friends my age. Still haven't been able to quite get there. I have met a lot of my daughters friends parents but they are all in the 70's and kind of "tired" and not too keen to do the social bits. I need to get to join some clubs (my 9 yr granddaughter told me to go on Tinder!!!!)


Every day that goes by I express my gratitude at how fortunate I have been to have this opportunity. In a couple of months I will apply for conversion to 143. I know someone whose parents did it and it took just 4 months so hopefully once this virus has been cured I will start on the next phase.


I hope you well and would love to hear from you and others on this forum. Take care and thank you for checking up on me


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@Maz That is great news!

Well done and congrats.!

Me, my story is good and bad.

I have been working on and off and currently working in aged care as food server. I absolutely love it! The residents are lovely and colleagues so supportive.

I have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and have had a double mastectomy. I have recovered very quickly from surgery and am back at work doing what I love.

It has been tough but I made it. I am whole again.🙂

Despite the horrible virus, I feel positive and happy to be alive and well.

Please keep me in your prayers.

@Elza and @Onthemove.

An update for you too.

Stay strong buddies! Enjoy work and spread the love and joy.


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So sorry to hear of your bad news but the positive outweighs it. I am so relieved to hear of your recovery. Continue to stay positive this country has so much to offer. Has your hubby found any work yet? Do you get to see the family often do you live near each other?

I will make a conceited effort to check in here more often and hope to have others join us maybe worth posting a link on the Parents visa page?


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@Maz Thank you for your encouraging words!

Yes, at least I have my family right here with me, thank heavens.

Hubby worked for Auspost during December, January but has not found another job since. Not too sure that he is looking all that hard.😂 I think he is way too comfy at home.

As long as I can keep working, I am happy. 

This virus has changed a lot of things though and so many people are currently out of work. It is so sad.



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