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Any help?????



Hi my name is Abigail and I am a qualified Chef I have about 7 years of experience in this industry and would love to go over to Australia. I have just started this process so I don't know where to even start or who to contact. Any help would be amazing.


Thank you


Chef Abi

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Hi Abigail, 


Welcome to the forum!  It's all very daunting, but many of us were exactly where you are today and we all made it! 😊


Begin by getting all your personal documents sorted; passport, unabridged birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.  


Check if your skill is listed here: 



Some agents will do a free points assessment to see if you will qualify for a skilled migration.  Make sure your agent is registered here:


If anyone asks for upfront payment and guarantees you a visa or a job, RUN! 

We have a few longstanding registered migration agents on the forum who offer basic advise for free or may be able to answer a specific question in relation to your visa options.  If you would like to engage their services at a later point, they will provide you with a proper quote.  @SD_MOAand @TeeTMIare both registered agents and regular contributors on the forum.  There are also other agents recommended by our forum members.  Better to use someone that comes with a referral.  


Start looking for jobs here:


Don't be put off by the requirement that you have to already be able to work in Australia - it is a statement required by law and many companies will sponsor a good candidate.  


Update your CV in Australian format (short, factual and to the point - they don't care that you won a swimming trophy in high school).  There are many threads about this on the forum.  


Many of the questions you have may already have been answered or discussed in depth - use the search option to search for specific topics or ask in the relevant sub forum.  There is a 100 step process published on the forum and many people used only that to migrate successfully to Australia.


If you get stuck or disheartened, just shout, we're all here to help. 





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Hi there we are currently in the process, busy with our vetassess. Hubby is a chef.


Id say contact an agent and have an assessment done. We going through Stephen Dickson and honestly he is the only agent which replies to your emails. He has been superb so far! If you have any questions il be glad to help if i can.😊

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The best advice I can give is do your homework, research as much as you can, this forum has a lot of very useful information. The more you know before you move the better prepared you will be. Chance favours the prepared, as they say.


All the best!

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