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The new industry - Autonomous Vehicles. How to get in!


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The media is full of mentioning about autonomous vehicles locally and globally. It forms part of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The fact is it is coming and sooner than you may think - this is an informed fact. There are a few associations that start to position themselves as the peak body in Australia. The article below mentions ADVI as one peak industry advisory body with 100 members. ITS-Australia, another association also regards itself also as the peak advisory body.

Between both of them, they have 100s of industry members – this is a good area to go and seek employment. But you cant go without experience.



So, how do you get hands-on experience as an engineer on Intelligent Transport Systems? Here is a new course mentioned in the article above at approx. $2500 run over 3 semesters.

Note the intake is time limited. Enrol by March 14, 2018. That will put you miles ahead of other young ITS engineers.






There are studies like Master Transport and Traffic management, a civil engineering course offered by Monash Uni. This is one of the few local ITS management studies available. 
There is also a National ITS Master Plan

https://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/Documents/ITS Master Plan- Discussion Paper-v1.RCN-D14^2383088.PDF


There are also many ITS initiatives & trails currently initiated around Australia. (Also look at Mobility as a Service – but still very early days).




There are 6 ITS supporting organisation mentioned here:


Once you know the theory why not approaching the sponsors of the 6 ITS supporting organisations. Further, if you are interested, I have done a presentation on Advanced Driver-assist technologies and where it fits within ITS. Also attempting to answer how well the Australia government is aligned with ITS policymaking.


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