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8 Months Left in SA


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Hi all, good to be part of this community.


My wife and I have, thank goodness, successfully been through the gauntlet of migration agents, entrance exams, visa applications, visa activations and the terror of watching your hard earned rands dwindle with lightning speed throughout the process.


I read a lot of posts on the forum of those still going through it, and I feel for you. It's not easy. But hang in there. Eventually it'll be your turn to look back and feel sorry for those having to do it. :)


By all accounts, we're heading to Ballarat come December, in the quaint state of Victoria, and from what I've searched on the forum there appears to be quite a few of us saffas there, which will be nice. I've also heard the weather is great!! ;)


I look forward to learning from those who've made the great trek, and hopefully one day soon I'll be able to help those still in the process.



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