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Coffee club_Pretoria?


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I've seen that there have been coffee dates in the past.. Do these still happen?

My husband and I decided (I'm the scared one) to move to Australia. The truth is that we love many things of South Africa... our family, pets_being able to have sheep, various birds, the dogs.. do not know what is allowed in Australia, will you even be able to breed with dogs.. We love our wildlife. Guinea Fowl_we see them a lot. Then going to the Kruger_seeing Giraffe's, Zebra's, Elephants, Lions. We life outside Pretoria_and daily see Fever trees, Aloes and Acacia... My husband has a dual trade: Refrigeration and Electrical. I'm an accountant_We have our own business (8 pple) for the last 8 years. I'm keen on becoming a pre school teacher. We are considering to move to Cairns. 

We would like to speak to other people in the same stage as what we are...

Preferably positive people.


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Dear Merandi

We have been part of this group when we applied for visa's some 5-6 years ago. However, our circumstances with our children as well as the fact that we were not able to secure jobs in Australia prevented us from making the move. Our visas have just expired!

Looking at your and your husband's professions, I would guess that especially he would be in high demand for employment.  

We made use of Reuven Abeshouse of Migrate2oz for our visa applications. He was expensive but gave very good service (although sometimes not the friendliest in town). I have heard that Cedwynn Toweel (fully Afrikaans speaking!) at cedwynn@tdklaw.com.au is very good as well. I believe he is in Brisbane.

I would strongly advise that you make use of immigration attorneys, even though they are expensive. 

I also recommend you doing the IELTS course before the exam, and then to do as much exercises as you can.

As to the coffee club, we attended two or three times. It offers very good opportunities to engage and exchange ideas with those in similar situations. I believe it is also very good to start forming networks between expats even before leaving. We use to meet at Cornish Kettle next to Cornwall Hill's entrance.

I am sure there would be sound interest for others in the Centurion area to meet.

Best wishes with this very difficult choice, and the actual move.


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Dear Kojak,


Thank you SO much for your response.. I truly appreciate it. Thank you for your advice. My head especially is spinning a bit.. thinking about the unknown.


In the process of making a decision, we felt guilty... are we giving up on a country that we love.. but we thought about our great grandparents (maybe 4 generations ago) making the move from the Netherlands. (A family member wrote a ring bound book about them entering South Africa, till the latest generation)

How difficult was that.. Their motivation was to secure a better place for their children, hoping that it was the new country. They did not even have television or internet or were able to visit their family via a flight. 


I think that we definitely go through similar emotions, because it stays unfamiliar. Guess one just needs to decide that it is the best decision that one can make with all the information at hand.


Thanks again for your help. 

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