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Hey all,


Myself and my partner are seriously looking to move to Auz however with us being very new to this we have absolutely no idea where to start and how to start.

 Asking for a friend to guide us here?



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You would first need to let us know what Visa you intend to go over on?


Go through the list of available visas and see which one you might be eligible for. 


You can check this list: https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/Visa-listing#Working and Skilled Visas


Most likely it will be under the Work Visas like 189/190 and 187.

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1. Apply for all your unabridged birth certificates and marriage certificate

2. Read this http://www.saaustralia.org/topic/9251-the-100-step-process-to-immigrating-to-australia-from-south-africa/?tab=comments#comment-67811

3. Read this http://www.saaustralia.org/topic/46639-how-to-ensure-your-189190-visa-timeline-is-as-short-as-possible/?tab=comments#comment-426919


You do not have to go through an agent however I have applied for 1 visa with an agent (189) and 1 without (101) and I found an agent made the whole process much easier.


But really, first thing you need to do is apply for those unabridged certificates. They take the longest. Thereafter I believe the skills assessment can take really long as can the IELTS process if a.) you can only book an appointment months down the line or b.) you need to retake the test multiple times to get the scores you need. I am not sure if going through Pearson's is quicker but I've heard it's easier to score higher. However certain skills require the IELTS over Pearson's but other forum members can speak about this. My husband is an engineer and the primary person on our visa and he did IELTS.


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The first thing to do is make sure youre eligible for a visa. No point doing anything else until you know that.


Either figure this out using the aus hone affairs site, speak to an agent or provide more info on this forum about how you intend to apply.

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Welcome to our corner of the cyberworld... we hope you get the answers you are looking for here!


We have two agents on this forum that offer up their valuable time to answer questions: 



Tee Taylor of Taylor Made Immigration




Stephen Dickson of Migration Outcomes Australia


You can privately message them. If you hover your mouse over the links above their names, a box will appear, where you can select message. 

At the top right side of your screen it has a small envelope, if you click on that you will move into the private message section, or as the forumites call it "PM"

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