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Java Developer arriving in Sydney - Recruiter/Agent needed


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Hi all, 


I'll be arriving in Sydney in September this year and I'd like to get the recruitment process started. I see that seek.com does accept PR applicants, but my dates are too far away to be eligible yet. 


I am a Java Developer with extensive experience in the Medical Insurance and Banking Industries. 


Anyway, I'd like to start getting my ducks in a row, and perhaps get on the database of a few key recruiters, perhaps some advice, CV reviewed etc.


I'm looking for recommendation of Agents to approach. Any assistance/advice would be greatly appreciated .

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Hey @miles,


Catch up with Hennie, he's in Sydney as well and should have a couple contacts by now.

To be honest, I just changed my details / location in LinkedIn when I got to Melbourne, and everything started from there.

Didn't actually use any other platform, site or resources other than LinkedIn.


Although I will admit, the 6 weeks it took me to finally start at a job felt very long... Most companies are just not in a rush, it ain't Joburg.

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On 3/18/2018 at 5:33 PM, miles said:

Java Developer with extensive experience in the Medical Insurance and Banking Industries

Fin the top 10 companies in each of those industries in Sydney and visit their websites

Often they have a recruitment page - contact them directly.

Let them know your availability in September, what you admire about their business, how you believe you may be a fit for them etc.

There are many different ways to go about it besides the recruitment agencies route - ask if you need a few pointers and on how to use Linkedin to do that


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