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This one is for all the ICT/IT Guys


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Good everyone :)


I just have a question for all the ICT guys.. If any of you have a job within the field what are your qualifications and experience? On what type of Visa are you on and how is the IT job recruitment in Australia? (Meaning what are employers looking for in a candidate? do they focus on experience more or qualification?)


I'd appreciate if you guys would give me your feedback it would mean a lot.


Thanks :)

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I work as a .net developer.  I have a B.Sc Computer science degree and topped it up with an Honours in Computer science, both acquired from UJ.  We got in on a 189 visa.


Recruitment is where it gets tough, and this applies to any occupation.... In South Africa we 're used to sending our CV's in any format to a recruitment agent, they usually rewrite the CV into their own template and then line up interviews for you whilst you sit next to the pool with a beer in your hand.


Here..... Nobody spoon feeds you!  There are some employment agencies out there, but nobody I've met has actually used them.  Your biggest ally in this process will be LinkedIn Premium (you get a month free) and https://www.seek.com.au/.  

In terms of qualification vs experience, it's hard for me to judge because I already have both but I will say this, most Aussie companies don't even look at your CV if you don't have some sort of local experience.  The reason is that too many people apply for jobs from outside of Australia (they will list themselves as being local) expecting to get a sponsored visa, the only real metric they can depend on is some local experience.  I was very very lucky in that sense because I applied directly for my current position on LinkedIn. 


My wife on the other hand didn't even get a callback and after 2 months I managed to get her CV looked at by the client I was working for at the time.  


Feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

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I work a Quality Engineer. Have a Btech in Electronic Engineering with a major in Computer Systems.

Have about 14 years experience and here on a 189.


I had a bit of a different experience and i think its because the QA market is really hot at the moment with more demand than good supply.


I found it really difficult to find a job from SA, even with a CV written for Australia. I applied for 100's of jobs.

Upon landing in Sydney i had about 6 interviews within the first 2 weeks and 3 offers.

After i got about a years local experience  i get contacted weekly or roles. Some good, some not so good but linkedIn is primarily the main source.


So what have i learnt:

- Network like crazy, meetups etc. Its really is about who you know and fostering those relationships.

- Keep you linked in profile updated and highlight your skill set.

- Apply directly to companies, you have better traction that going through recruiters.

- Product companies and consultancies are always worth a look, as they are more willing to hire good talent from abroad.


On that note, my company is always on the look out for good Talent across all roles. I put a post together in the other section.

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I have a Matric and nothing beyond that in schooling, quite a few Microsoft cert and a bucketload of experience in Microsoft ERP/CRM, I was offered a choice of cities and sponsored a 457 with travel all paid (Been here for just over 6 years now)


It all depends on your skill set, everyone here has a degree so they dont mean as much as they do in RSA, do you have a rare skillset, that they cannot easily find from someone in AU, if so the recruiters will be lining up, if not you are going to have to work for it and are not lightly to get a job from RSA, they will just get a local who wont add possible drama to the process (Like international immigration) and can start immediately


I agree with the people above as well, unless you have a hard to find skillset you are almost certainly going to have to find a job based on your network, as the people you will be up against via recruiters will have lots of easy to check local experience, so will get the job ahead of you

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This is just based on my experience.


I'm a Java developer and the technical questions were very similar to the type of questions I'd get asked in South Africa. I think experience is quite important but also your ability to illustrate what you achieved. Also do not give straight text book answers. Elaborate and give an indication of where you used the technology/library/framework with a real world example - tie it back into your resume and previous work experience. Especially when asked "have you worked with XYZ technology before", the worst thing you can do here is to give a simple yes or no response.


One thing that has become very apparent to me talking to the various managers at places I have worked is your personality. It is very important for them to feel that you will fit in both the team and the company.


Also you must demonstrate that you really want the job without seeming desperate. They want motivated individuals. If you seem indifferent or dispassionate you will not get the job.


It also seems to me that getting that first job is a real challenge. You have no Australian experience. To me it seemed a lot easier to secure a job once I had Australian experience. 

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48 minutes ago, tcmiller said:

To me it seemed a lot easier to secure a job once I had Australian experience. 


x1000!  Once I updated LinkedIn with my local job companies started contacting me.

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