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Prices in Sydney


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Hi everyone

What does the following cost in Sydney:

Caterpillar (CAT) leather shoes (the shoe. not the boot, not the steel toe)

Nioxin shampoo system 1 (cleanser)

Nioxin conditioner system 1 (scalp therapy)

(both are white 300ml bottles with black caps)

i.e. should I buy here in Johannesburg before I leave on Friday, or wait until I am in Sydney?


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Hi there

Well your time is getting closer you must be so excited. I would suggest you buy in SA before you leave. I haven't particularly looked for those items and that cleanser etc hasn't jumped out at me so I can't say that I can foresure say we have them. Pretty much everything is cheaper in SA until you have earned dollars for a long while so I would say buy in SA. If I see anything today or tomorrow I will let you know but as time is limited buy in SA unless you are willing to try something different. I am pretty sure you can get cats but I haven't looked out for them.

Good Luck

Hey there

I did a search for your shoes on google (Aus only) and there is tons of info. I had a look at shoebuy.com and they seem to have a range and they give prices, don't know where they are based but they advertise free shipping. If you know your prices have a look and see what you think. Just be sure on the sizes though Aussie shoes sizes are different to SA but I am sure cat will use an international standard.

Please shout if you need anything when you arrive.


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Caterpillar (CAT) leather shoes (the shoe. not the boot, not the steel toe)
Hi Springbok,

I did a search for your CATs, but found precious little. The boots seem to be more popular here in Aus. I did find CAT shoes on the Aus Ebay here. This might give you an idea of what the prices are like.

Enjoy your flight!!!


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