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Been served a blow!


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Hi guys, my name is Robyn, my husband is Grant. We are from Durban and we have a 4yr old daughter.


We have applied for a 457 visa as Grant was offered a job in Sydney.


Our timeline is as follows:


Nomination Application: 26/09/2017

457 Visa Application: 27/09/2017 (submitted a complete decision ready application - or so we thought....)

Medicals Done: 04/10/2017

Nomination Approved: 03/01/2018

RFI: 11/01/2018 - they asked for proof of adequate health insurance, which we submitted to our agent in Sept when she lodged our visa - I suspect she have forgotten to upload this one :( 

RFI Re-submitted: 11/01/2018


@Tntaglia has just informed me that our application has more than likely gone to the back of the RFI queue, and that queue is only processing applications done in March 2017.

Guessing we have another 7 to 8 month wait...will our new employer be willing to wait this long!?! Very scared to hear the answer to that question!!! Absolutely Devastated!!!!


Did anyone else recently submit a RFI and get an approval quite soon after!?



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Not to discount anything you have said @Tntaglia but I wouldn't worry too much until you have spoken to your agent or one of the agents on the forum can confirm that this is the case.  

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Agreed - please don't get too despondent without at least getting feedback from your agent. These things are not as clear-cut as we want them to be, for example they'll say they are now processing applications lodged before 29 September and then someone who lodged in November gets an approval. Also with the 457 they assign some employers higher priority simply because they do a lot of 457 visas and I don't know if there's a way to figure out what those are, so maybe you are higher in the queue anyway.


The whole emigration issue is really hard emotionally, as you already know. So be kind to yourself and try not to let the bad news become overwhelming when it comes (I'm preaching to myself here too). 

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