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Living in Tasmania


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I just want to know if there is anyone who recently moved to Tasmania.

How does living and working in Tasmania compare?

Anyone with children at Uni there?

How will the place suit my 22 and 17 year old?

Can you tell me about the lifestyle, housing etc.

Basically everything....


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We just came back from a holiday in Tasmania.  It is a lovely place and I loved it.  Very rural in many areas.  Economically it seems much slower than the mainland, with fewer industries and higher unemployment.  It might be harder to get jobs.   And it is really cold.  We were there in the middle of summer and except for Launceston the wind was always cold.  Even if it was 30 degrees the wind would cool you down immediately and when you were in the shade and wind you needed a jersey.  I also think housing is cheaper, but food seemed more expensive (but maybe only in the more remote holiday places), but not much.  

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Apologies for the very delayed response... I have literally just moved to Tasmania from Melbourne.


Hobart seems to be fantastic from what I can tell. There are plenty restaurants and bars and lots of nature to get out into. It is however very small. Getting a job here seems to be the hardest part of living in Tassie. The varsity here is great, and from what I have gathered has a really good reputation, especially in engineering (happy to be corrected on  this if I am wrong).


So far I can say I'm pretty excited with my move to the island, but that may change with time.


If you would like any further info just give me a shout.



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@Duggen thanks so much for the info.  Will definitely give you a shout when I have more Q's.   All the  best with your new venture in Tassie.

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