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Living in Melbourne working in Bacchus Marsh


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Good day all.

I have been offered a job in Bacchus Marsh but would like to live as close to Melbourne as possible and commute to work daily. 

I would therefor like to know what suburbs, I suppose western, would be good options for me? Obviously looking at proximity to a train station with a direct line to Bacchus. Safe suburbs are key as I hear there are youth gangs out in the west making an appearance.

I was looking at Footscray. Can anybody offer any information surroundthing this suburb? Or others that might be appealing?

Thank you in advance.

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@eyeice I would stay away from Footscray. I would look at Essendon, or Maribyrnong, lovely area, fairly close to the city. Then of course, my favourite place, Sunbury, which is not far from Bacchus Marsh, and we have not had any problems with the gangs here... There is also Gisborne.


Here is your problem to get to Bacchas Marsh

Essendon - by car is 1 hour and by train 1,5 hours

Maribyrnong - by car is 45min and by train 1,3 hours

Sunbury - by car is 35min and train 1,25 hours as you have to go in to Footscray to change trains to go to BM, they are on different lines.

Gisborne - by car is 30min and train is 2 hours as again you have to go to Footscray to change trains to go to BM, as they are on different lines.


If it was me, I would choose either Sunbury or Gisborne and use my car, it would be easier and there should not be a lot of traffic. Also you will find the rents cheaper than anywhere closer to the city.


Hope that helps.

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Hi eyeice


It would possibly be worth mentioning what you are looking for with relation to preferring to live close to the CBD, is it to be e.g. close to the theatres/museums?

The different suburbs can be quite different in nature.



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@Mara Thanks kindly for your input. I do not have a vehicle of my own so driving is out of the question. I would also prefer to keep the commute to one train and not have to change trains. I will certainly look into your suggested areas. Is there any particular reason you suggest I stay away from Footscray?


@TeeTMI I really enjoy the CBD feel and all it has to offer socially but I do not want to live in the hustle bustle environment. So alternatively I was thinking of living close enough to the CBD so that it does not become a chore to go out and explore the area on weekends and easy enough to retreat back to a quieter area for living. 


One other question though. Are there estate agents or specific contacts you would recommend I use in order to find accommodation? 


Thanks again for your input.

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I can see why Footscray was of interest then as it is on the V-Line it would probably be a good commute by train.


I would say that Footscray has a bit of a negative reputation within Melbourne, however I don't know the area well enough to comment personally.  Although, I read a little while ago that the because of this the housing was cheaper and that this means more people were being attracted there due to affordability and that the neighbourhood may be changing over time?


You might look at realestate.com.au and domain.com.au they have rental section by location, yo can see who the local agents are.  Don't be surprised if most will not communicate much until you are in the country. 

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Yes. Footscray seemed like an easy enough commute. 


I will make contact with some agents in the area relating to those two links you sent me. Luckily I have been in the country for 2 weeks now. 


Thank you so much for your input!

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9 hours ago, eyeice said:

Are there estate agents or specific contacts you would recommend I use in order to find accommodation? 

I have been warned that you need to do the legwork yourself. The agents are there to work for the owners of the properties and not those looking.

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I agree with TamTam, you are going to probably need transport of some sort to get around when looking for accommodation. They generally have 15 minute open homes, for inspection, and they will not rent to you unless you have seen the house.


I am not in favour of Footscray, as I have know a few people that have tried to live there, but ended up moving as soon as their lease was up, as they did not deem the place safe. Their comment was that there is a lot of government housing, and thought that it could be the cause. There is nothing wrong with government housing, but often it means that people are not working, and although you get good and bad in every community, the bad elements, in this instance, is probably what makes the area unfavourable.

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