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Two years in....


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Wow, today, we celebrate the magic two years mark for us since our arrival in Australia. 

Whilst reflecting on the last two years, I feel super grateful to call Aus home and am really proud of what we have achieved here in such a short time.

Looking back on the early days, most were good, some were average and a small few were not so good. But the good outweighed the bad and average by far!


A little bit of encouragement to  those people still in the process, whether in the early stages of visa application or in the early days after landing, hang in there! 


We have settled in well, have good jobs and have just bought our first house here.

One of the highlights of my day is catching the tram to work...30 minutes door to door. 

My Aussie friends think that I am crazy to be excited about public transport, but it is still a novelty for us to be able to travel on public transport.

We have also built some lovely friendships and embraced the Aussie way.


It feels so good to drive to places without using the GPS all the time. We can also give directions to others using the road names! 

Small things that have helped us to feel familiar with the areas.


What a fabulous place to call home. We still have lots more to discover in this lovely country, but love all that we have seen so far!



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Adelaide may be tiny in comparison to the bigger cities, but it certainly is a great city. We are blessed to live a chilled out lifestyle here. 


After four years in Aus, I am still trying to get used to not having walls around the property and at times forgetting to lock the front door. :)


Took the new O-Bahn today. 10 minutes to the city from Paradise interchange (11kms). Impressive!


If you are into camping and the outdoors, wait till you start travelling the outback. There is so many places to see, just in this state. Let along the rest of the country.


Once again, congratulations.




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Congrats, 2 years down and hopefully many many more to go. 

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