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189 vs 190 vs 487 visa



Hi All


Please help


We have submitted our EOI for all 3 visas


Plan A - 189 - we have 60 points and my husband is the main applicant plumber

Plan B - 190 - 65 points, but we need to wait for a state nomination

Plan C - 487 - 70 points. My husband's sister lives in Sunbury in Victoria - relative sponsorship.


Donald, my husband is doing the Pearson test this weekend. He just missed 20 points with his IETS : L 7.5, R 8.5, W 7.5, S 9. 


If I understand it correctly, we should get the 487 invite definitely and hopefully by 22 Nov. 

If he is successful with Pearson and get the extra points to have 70 points, we should also get the invite on the 189 soon as well.

But if he cannot better his English marks and we still sit on 60 points, should we then rather go for the 487. I know this is only a pathway to permanent residency and therefore not ideal. But it seems that we going to wait for a long time to get an invite on 60 points or maybe no invite at all. At this stage we are so eager just to get to Australia.


Any input will be appreciated





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I assume you are talking about the 489 visa and not 487.


Generally the 489's do get a quick invite response as states are always looking for people to locate to regional areas


Good Luck

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We also sat with that decision earlier. Luckily Sarah managed to get better marks on the 2nd sitting.
We were also prepared to go the sponsored route just to get there.


Let us know how the rewrite goes.

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