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Immagration for Veterinarian



Hi All


I have been looking on the forum and have seen similar threads but they are quite old.


I there any vets on the site that can maybe offer some advice on what is needed for the 189 Visa. My wife would be the vet and main applicant and my daughter and I will just tag along.


In some of the threads it said that you need to register with a council in Aus before you can do the skills assessment others said its not necessarily anymore it does seem a bit confusing.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi @LookingAlittle. I think you're in luck since in my opinion, veterinarians have one of the most relaxed assessment processes out there!


I would have to find the information again but the sequence for us (my wife as applicant) is documented in my timeline. Short summary below


1. The normal 100 step process requirements

2. Register with NSW Veterinary board

3. Submit skills assessment to AVBC

4. Wait for result of skills assessment

5. Lodge EOI


We decided to move to Sydney and as such, my wife had to register with the NSW veterinary board. There are different boards for different states but the following link should explain it all for you under the title "Am I ready to apply for skills assessment":



I called the assessment board several time to make sure all documents were received and to follow up on the progress of the assessment. They were really nice and kept us informed all the way.


All the best, hope it works out well for you :D

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