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3-years in...


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Time rolls on, it's hard to believe it's been 3-years since we landed, harder still is how I can't really remember much about life back in South Africa as Sydney feels very much like home, familiar and comforting. 3-years seems short, yet it also feels like a lifetime. Many milestones have been reached along the way - buying our first home, gaining PR, our children gaining their citizenship, finding jobs that both challenge and inspire us. We are ever moving forward, on wards and upwards.





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So important to celebrate each milestone, no matter how small. We have 46 days left until we board our one way flights to Melbourne. Stories like yours keep me focused on the why. Thank you. 

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Hahahaha...well done, mate! I can see you are being kept busy now, the posts have shortened considerably ;):P 

Glad to hear you're flourishing! 

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