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190 visa priority



Hi guys


Wanting to start the visa application process but a little confused around the 189 or 190 visa.


I can get 65 points on a 189 visa under the general accountant classification - I know this is never going to be enough to secure an invitation so not worth pursuing this route.


If I apply on a 190 visa I can get up to 75 points (+5 for the 190 and +5 as my wife is a financial adviser on the short-term skills list).


Does anyone know the order in which they do the invitations on skill select? Ie. is it 189 until full (at a given points level), then 190 (at the same level). Or is it the other way round - ie. 190 with state sponsorship will be selected before the 189 visas?


All very confusing...


Thanks in advance





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To the best of my knowledge the two lists are entirely separate. We applied for 189 and 190 on the same day, and received an invite to apply for NSW state sponsorship for the 190 a week later. They are now processing our application for state sponsorship (can take up to 12 weeks) and if my understanding is correct, if they choose to sponsor us the invite to apply for the visa follows pretty much immediately. This despite the fact that there is still plenty of spots for my occupation empty on the 189 list (max 1000, last time I checked less than 30 invites had been issued). 


I would do both if at all possible for you, and see what happens. If the state you're applying to chooses not to sponsor you, there is no harm done, but it could get you an earlier invite.

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