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Monetary Requirements



Hi All,


I need some advice.


What is the monetary requirements to emigrate to Australia? Do you need to have a certain asset balance, and in which phase of the process do you need to declare this? If you need to, does it need me be liquid assets (cash, stock investments etc)?

Reason for my question... I bough a property for investment purposes a few years back with a partner. The partner basically wants out now, it was decided we sell the property  and split the gains, however once the second offer fell through (didn't get a bond approved) the partner is basically willing to give me the share for almost next to nothing if I start the process of taking it over asap. 

Since we only started with the Australia plans now and there are still a lot of variables I`m reluctant to give up the offer of taking of the other share on something that "might happen". 


Is there any other aspects of owning a property and wanting to emigrate to Australia i`m missing? I will basically have a bond to the value of 2/3s of the property value. 


We will be attempting to get either a 189 or 190 depending on our points.




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There are no monetary requirements in terms of the visa application process, but it is a very expensive process and can cost you around R200k (minimum) all in so just make sure you do have enough money to fund the process. 


By all in I'm referring to visa fee and everything involved with the visa, relocation and a bit of cash to get going this side.

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No monetary requirement for 189 or 190 visas other than paying for the visas (prices are on DIBP website), medicals, skills assessment etc. your bank balance is not considered during visa application.

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