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Hi everyone


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Our first post. Hi everybody. 

So a little background. 

A few months back we had the serious convo about emigrating and the week after that were enrolled in a seminar. Being bombarded with options for oz we knew we knew sweet nothing. Enter Google and our two new gonto places for homework. Bobinoz and this awesome forum. 

As mom and dad to a 4 year old daughter and the promise of a not so great education we going for broke and uprooting.

3 monthsnin and we on the tail end of vetassess and in our first waiting room. 45 next year so last chance at visa 189.if ielts goes pear shaped then 190 it is. While awaiting vetassess getting cracking on birth and.marriage certs and ielts studies. 

Yep we going for it with no agents so super pleased the amount od help in this forum. Got to say that if it weren't for people like Mauro and Jordy for their 100 steps and Mara, Teetmi and Steven D for their many useful and sincere posts - there are certainly  tons of other contributors here - that we wouldn't have the guts and direction to go for it solo without agency.

So thank you and all the best to those in the many many many waiting rooms...... 

PS. Its hilarious when you share your journey with mates finally and they go.. You guys too... What stage are you guys at... Don't tell anyone... Lol

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@Ozzyorbust Welcome to our little corner of the cyber world! I am so glad that you have found the forum informative and that it has helped you to do all that is needed, thus far, on your own.. well done! We do have some phenomenal forum members, who are always happy to share their journey and the ups and downs that they experienced, getting here.


My couple of go to instructions:

1. Go where the jobs are, it may not be your weather of choice, but it will give you a roof over your head and food in your tummys, both the necessities of life!

2. Ensure that the rent you pay is affordable, electricity, gas and water, can take a huge chunk out of your earned money.

3. The closer you are to the city, the greater the price you will pay for a rental. So, move further out, nothing is set in stone, you only have to do it for a year, that gives you enough time to check everything out for yourself.

4. When the going gets tough, reach out to the forum, everyone is always happy to assist, and give advice, and even some actual moral support over a coffee or a visit!

5. Do no look back, have an attitude of "this is it" we have to make a success of this, so look forward and realise that this is your "future" you are working on, not your past!


Go well!

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Welcome, and good luck!

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Welcome. A great attitude will take you a long way.


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Thank  you all for the well wishes and Mara for the info. We are really excited and will keep up the persistence to get our ducks in a row . 

If there is any worth we can offer will certainly contribute in the forum topics. 

At least green and gold will still work in oz lol. :)


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