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Hi there,

My name is Anita. My husband is Marco and I have 2 children, Marco Jnr (11) and Janali (8).

I also have a stepdaughter of 19, Angelique.

My eldest sister has been staying in Oz for just over 10 years - she got married to an Autralian

and got an instant visa to live there !!! She is based in Canberra at the moment and works

for the Government.

I went to visit her in December and now would like to go and join her there. Obviously I am only starting

with the whole process , so I realise that there is a long road ahead of me.

My husband is a carpenter and I believe he will probably find work their.

Please guide us through the process and I need lots of support.

Anita Stoffberg

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Hi Daar, jy moet dalk met jou suster en haar man praat, dat hulle vir julle sponser om in oz te kom bly.kyk na die in booklet 6 wat julle kan aflaai op die volgende webblad www.immi.gov.au. sterkte in die onderneming.

robert en telanie

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Hi Anita - the first piece of advice given to you is very good. Try that first and see how you get on. It is a lengthy and expensive process but if you can get your sister and her husband to sponsor you then that will be a great start. There are lots of hurdles and lots of hiccups that may happen but I hope you have a pretty smooth ride to Australia. You may like to check out some jobs online - suggest you google work - carpenter- australia and see what you get. others may have better advice regarding jobs. If you can get a job offer then it will make things much easier.

Good luck


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Hello Anitas

Your husband stands a very good chance to apply for a 136 visa because his occupation as Carpenter is found on the MODL of Australia meaning 60 points. He must be under 45 yrs.

Also your sister can sponsor you for a 138 visa...

Either way is OK but if i were you i would go for 136..



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