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Schools near seaford and moana

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Tamara HDU

There are quite a lot of schools around this area...I have 10 grandchildren and they attend a number of local schools!


My one grandson did attend the Seaford primary school...more situated towards Port Noarlunga south. No issues and he was happy there.


I presently have two grandchildren at the Freda Corpe kindy which is in Port Noarlunga...right next door to the Port Noarlunga primary school. Port Noarlunga primary is very popular with new families and I know many people who send their children there.


Just the other side of Seaford is a small suburb called Old Noarlunga...just a few minutes away depending upon whether you live in one of the many Seaford suburbs or a little further from Moana. There is a small country style school there (primary) and I have 3 grandchildren there! They love it. Small school and very special.


High schools are another thing. There are some really good private high schools around. There's the catholic school in Noarlunga which is Cardijn and that has a good reputation. The other side of Moana you have Tattachilla...I want my eldest grandson to go there!

Christies Beach high school is great for those children who want to work with their hands...my son did an apprenticeship linked to the school...just depends upon whether they are academically or practically inclined.

I can't comment on Seaford High school, sorry.


Private high school fees are around $7000 per year.


Hope that this helps. I live in Port Noarlunga which is a couple of minutes away from Port Noarlunga primary and Cardijn...about 5 km away from Seaford and 10 km from Moana. My run through to Old Noarlunga primary takes 10 minutes a day.

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