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Families moving December 2017 to March 2018?

Tamara HDU

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Tamara HDU

If you are planning the move with your family at the end of the year it might be a good idea to sort out your accommodation needs early.


Many family homes are booked solid for the peak December to February period......people have booked a year in advance!


Not since 2008 and have not experienced such a demand for the peak dates before.


There are many reasons:


1. There has been a large increase in the numbers of overseas tourism and many tourist are booking relocation / holiday properties.


2. The number of interstate visitors to South Australia has increased competing with the overseas market for available rentals.


3. It's a popular time for migrants to make the move and those in the know...like member and visitors to forums like this one know that accommodation needs to be booked early especially at this time of year.


4. There are so many friends and family member visiting people who have moved here during the past few years and they want to be close to where family and friends live and have located to.


5. Many overseas people escape the British winter and spend extended stays here during the peak summer months.


6. The unfurnished rental market cycles between periods of high and low availability. It's more competitive right now which means that furnished rentals have increased enquiries from people needing "emergency" accommodation whilst houses are being built, renovated, repaired etc.


Holiday rentals are expensive during the peak months and as places get booked there's a tendency to put up prices.


If you are visiting or moving at the end of this year...please book early!



If you are planning to move here in the first week of December there is a real issue with available accommodation between the 1st and the 7th. There is an Ashes test in Adelaide and this is coinciding with the Pan Pacific Oceana Games.

These dates are already booked solid. I know people in the short term rental business who have booked out this week at $850 PER NIGHT!!!!!!

As we are still in May and things are booked you could have a real issue if you are planning to move here in early December as hotels, short term rental homes etc will all be booked. If you are looking at flights and accommodation best to sort this difficult week out now or delay your arrival for a week?

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