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I have had to renew one of my children's passports since arriving in Sydney. I filled in the form, paid the fee and posted it off to Canberra. I since received an email from the SAHC saying that I needed to also complete the BI-529 and email it back to them. This form is "DETERMINATION OF CITIZENSHIP STATUS" and am I unsure of how to correctly complete the form. My son(s), husband and I were all born in SA, having emigrated in August 2015. I'm not sure how to answer the questions posed to all three of us that ask: 


"If you were absent from South Africa state - 

(a) Date(s) of your departure

(b) Reason(s) for your departure

(c) The date on which you returned to South Africa permanently"


Does this include us coming to Australia (in which case we're NEVER returning to SA permanently) or just being absent when our son was born? 




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Hi Nicki, 


I am filling out the exact same form for my daughter now, am also very confused about what they want us to fill out there. Is this referring to emigrating, or previous travels? Do you recall what you wrote?



Ros  😊

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I filled this form in for my daughter in the UK. 


a) I wrote the date I left to live in UK

b) I wrote that I had moved to UK

c) I left blank.


To be honest I don't think they worry about those questions, what they are looking for on that form is three things:


1) Do you have another citizenship?

2) If you do have another citizenship, did you seek permission from them to acquire dual citizenship.

3) If you did not seek permission have you received your loss of citizenship papers etc.



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Thanks Piet, it is rather vague on the form, but that does make sense. I will submit and hope for the best!



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Super late response, sorry @Rosa1035 but yes, I think I completed it the way @Piet1234 explained. It was a while ago! Good news is we got it, no problem, and our kids are now Aussie citizens too! Good luck! X

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Thanks @NickiD ! Awesome news about your kids being citizens now - I guess though that is a whole other round of paperwork!! I will start to mentally prepare myself for it now! 😁 xx


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