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Our 489 visa process


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@MargotOrch whoever you stayed with can give you a letter and you can also get a statutary dec. You can also use other letters, bills etc that may have been sent to your address. Remember that you only need to prove that you lived in a regional area so any other documents which may also include receipts of major purchases, doctors bills and appointments.

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I have been keeping a bit of a journal of our process in the "about me" section, but realized this may not be useful to future applicants with similar circumstances to mine as this is not searchable.

Update from our side:   Ken has been in Australia nearly 3 weeks now and I am so very glad that he went ahead to pave the way for us. He managed to secure a rental today and will move in sho

Almost there....!   Renovations done!  AT LAST! Tenants found, just waiting on paperwork! Final matric final today! Pupplet settled into PETport and flying on Wednesday!

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