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Melbourne suburb choice

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Hi everyone,

I am a planner and with our LSD trip scheduled for July, would like to try visit one or two schools while we are there. I would appreciate any comments on our shortlist of suburbs and schools based on either personal experience or things you have heard. Perhaps even a comparison to similar suburbs in Johannesburg or Cape Town. Our choice of suburbs has been driven primarily by our daughter's plan to attend Deakin University in Burwood next year, as well as relative proximity to the CBD. Public transport is also important.



1. Mount Waverley

2. Ashwood

3. Burwood

4. Macleod

5. Doncaster

6. Templestowe


1. Mount Waverley Secondary College

2. Ashwood High School

3. Templestowe College

4. Charles La Trobe College


Am a little concerned about the things I hear about drugs in public high schools. Is this a real issue that makes it worth rather paying for private school?

Thanking you in advance.


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Hi Husky. My daughter is in a public high school in Melbourne in year 8 and although it's been a huge adjustment she is doing well and has settled. Previously the kids were in a really good private school in South Africa.


Feel free to pm me with any specific questions , am happy to help in any way I can.

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Thank you @JackoFam

Will pm you later today.

Any other feedback? 

@dlmonnink ? Think you're in Mount Waverley. 

Other Melbournites?

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Hi Husky,

We have spoken before about Macleod and Charles La Trobe College, all 3 my kids are there. In 2017 they have split the school into 2 distinct phase i.e primary and secondary. Last year they were split in junior, middle and senior school. This new split allows the kids to take on more of a leadership role as the year 7 and 8 are not stuck in the middle anymore. The assemblies are run by the kids, which is great to see from a confidence perspective. In primary school the grade 5 and 6's buddy with a prep and grade 1. This pairing up means that the older kids reads to the younger one and also plays a "big brother/sister" role. 

Both my husband and I are volunteers at the school as we firm believe in its ethos of R.E.A.L  ( Respect, Excellence, Acceptance and Leadership) - this is the school value system.

My eldest who is in grade 7 is learning both Ausland ( which is the Australian sign Language) and Chinese. The school is very closely linked to La Trobe University which means that the school has access to the students and facilities, etc. This is very advantageous from a STEM perspective.


You are welcome to pm me with any specific questions.


As is evident I'm very passionate about our school?.


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P.S, my kids have stated that if we decide to move anywhere, it must be within a train ride from the school. If not they refuse to move. Macleod, I must admit has imprinted on my hubby and I. So even though it may not nessarily be the cheapest place to live, it feels like the closest to home in Melbourne. I know that this very premature as we have only been here since September, but I'll take anything I can get right now to stem the homesick feeling you get ever now and than.

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Thank you @Smailo

Yes, the main reason Charles La Trobe is on the list is because of your recommendation. So pleased to hear things are going well. Macleod is ranked as the number 10 suburb in the whole of Melbourne on the Homely site. Think that is out of over 140 suburbs, so quite keen on it. We would like to go somewhere that we can buy and settle in the long term. 

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Templestowe College has a good rep among moms here in Doncaster. Our child is still in Primary School (public), but I am always listening to other moms at school discussing high school options. I've heard them comment that it is not a mainstream school - a bit out of the box - which is GREAT for kids, and has very good results on the kids. Visiting will set your mind at ease. 


Even though our daughter is only in primary school - I was surprised how the principal knows each child's name, how the kids have a relationship with the teachers - it is difficult to explain, but compared to how I went to school in Pretoria, and Pietersburg, it is just wildly different. The kids are treated as individuals and not just numbers.  Their "situation" at home is taken into account (which could have both good and bad consequences - it might give problem causing kids too much rope, but luckily this is not a problem at our school). The fact that we are immigrants is respected. I really hope high school will have this type of culture once we get there!

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Thanks @Mel-B

Templestowe College is now top of the list after some more research on my part. Also got a bigger response to a similar Facebook post with lots of positive feedback. Like the idea that TC is not mainstream. Now let's just hope we can find a rental in the zone ....... *said in a slightly panicky tone* 

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