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On 2/13/2021 at 8:44 AM, CFDS said:

Hi All, 


This has been newly released on the DIBP website. Looks like effective 24th March 2021 the exemption will be applicable.





I can confirm this Temporary Concession in respect of COVID-19 commences on the 24th March 2021 (to eligible 143/173 and 103 visa applicants) - good luck everyone waiting - I'm looking forward to seeing that Lodged May 2016 date moving forward again!



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@DGT @Onthemove @Dirkz @Elna57 @JTN Today is the best day of my life, the start of a new life and dream!! After 41 months of waiting, envolving sad days, frustrated days, excited day, angry  days

😀 relieved and totally thrilled - finally received my CO's long awaited formal request for submission of documents - my visa assessment has begun - woohoo. News is still sinking in 😲 and sud

My folks visa has come through!!! Woohoo. Serious journey since May 15 wow. Thanks to all for the information and support and wishing you all strength for the wait ahead.

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4 minutes ago, TeeTMI said:



I can confirm this Temporary Concession in respect of COVID-19 commences on the 24th March 2021 (for eligible applicants of the 143/173 and 103) - good luck to everyone waiting onshore - I'm looking forward to seeing that Lodged May 2016 date moving forward again!




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On the 8th December I was asked to do my medical assessment, and police clearance certificate. I provided those, but have heard nothing since, nor received any feedback at all. Can anyone perhaps put my very anxious self at ease?  Is this due to the covid restrictions do you think?



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On 2/14/2021 at 9:04 PM, Moose2014 said:

Hi parent visa brains trust🤣,


Was wondering if anyone can help me with this question please? Is it possible to sponsor two sets of parents at the same time?


My parents applied for their 143 in August 2018 so still have a few more years to wait. They are hopefully arriving here in April (if all goes well) as my dad has secured a 482 visa and travel exemption. The 143 will then however be their way to stay here permanently.


My husband's parents now also want to apply for the 143.


I'm aware that there are requirements to be sponsors but I'm not able to find anything around how many people we can sponor at the same time.


Appreciate any advice.




If you were the sponsor of your parents, then your husband could be the sponsor of his parents.

They just need one sponsor, normally a child.


If you both are giving your parents Assurance of Support, then you both could probably also give Assurance of Support to his parents IF you can meet the AOS criteria, which will now be much more strict for two parent visas. The best is to contact centrelink and ask them about being an assurer for two parent couples. 

See https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/assurance-support/who-can-be-one


Hope this helps. 

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Hi Guys , 


My Parents applied for 143 back in 2018 . However now they are age of 67 and eligible to apply age parent category visa 804 . Also they are on-shore and do not have no-further stay condition . Do you think they can apply for 804 aged parent visa , because when they apply from on-shore it will provide bridging visa until the decision is made ( 30 years after ) . However they can stay in the bridging visa forever , and do not need to pay the big fat VAC fees as well . Please share your thoughts

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Just providing a link to a post I have just made relating to an inquiry into the delays within the Family visas


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