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Hallo, Stepha here


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My husband and I can't wait to become Auzies and were wondering about the prices on accomodation. Is it nice to stay in the smaler towns? Poeple keep telling us to look for work at the mines outside big cities because we might be luckier finding jobs there. Is it true? My husband is in I.T and I teach (nursery school).

Any chance of finding a furnished place in small towns?

Thanks for any info. :huh:

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Hi Stepha,

That is good news that you have made the big decision, now the fun begin!

Most Zaners start off renting a place before that take the plunge to buy a place. There are properties to rent in every town. The only difference, there will be less in the smaller places. Another big problem of renting shortages is the booming of mine towns brought on by the resource boom. And because of this has the prices sky rocketed.

To get a idea of availability and prices have a look at the following web sites:

www.realestate.com.au <- try this one

www.domain.com.au <- try this one




The size of the town where you want to settle will depend on the type of person you are. If you are a small town person you will seek out the smaller town rather than the big cities!

Regarding your background, neither you or your husband will struggle to find work.

First thing is to get both your qualifications verified.

Good luck with the search!

D :huh:

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That was quick! Thanks for your help! We'll keep looking.


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Guest Bronwyn

Hi Stepha

I wanted to mention to you that you could find out what qualifications you need to teach nursery school here in Aus (if you haven't already done so).

It is quite a well-paid field, but I think you need to obtain various certificates. I'm sorry I don't know details, but your post caught my eye, because my sister teaches in an aftercare in Pretoria for such a low salary, if I compare to what she could earn here it's a joke. However she is not really qualified.

You could check up on the internet and see what will be required of you in terms of courses and first-aid, etc, so that when you get here you can hit the ground running, so to speak...maybe it's just a case of putting your qualifications and CV into Aussie-speak, but I doubt it, because there are a lot of rules & regulations here, especially when it comes to people's children. :huh::huh::ilikeit:

All the best & good luck!


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That makes good sense what Bronwyn is saying . . . make sure you are "qualified" to look after and teach kinder kids here in Australia.

It's no use coming to Australia expecting to find work in the first couple of months only to have your situation locked out because you need a first aid certificate or some other simple item.

Good luck with your application.

Just remember that Australia needs young energetic people like you two and that you've got years of working life ahead of you to contribute.

I can think of no end of country towns that would love to take on board a couple like yourselves from South Africa if you're healthy, balanced and are able to fit in by playing sport, etc.

You'll find housing very affordable in country towns and the people often are great once you get to know them.

You'll become a "local" in time, especially if you can play for the town in cricket, football, netball, tennis, etc. and the invites to barbies will come often enough if you're young.

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Hallo Stepha

Their is definitely a boom in the natural resources industry with most mining companies in aus showing incredible growth. However, if your husband is in IT, he should maybe start looking at the main IT companies over there as most mining companies tend to outsource their core IT business.

The options of where you can be based vary - some are on a fly in fly out basis and there is not the option for the spouse and add-ons to live at the mine, whilst other do operate out of the smaller towns...

Housing in general seems expensive, but house prices in SA has not stayed too far behind...

What type of IT skills does your husband have ?? There is a number of companies willing to sponsor good IT people from SA.


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Hallo Bob and Skim,

I appreciate your replies! Thank you.

My husband will send you a PM if that is o.k. about his qualifications that is. Or should we send it somewhere els?

Stepha :ilikeit:

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